Car battery

The best place to purchase a starting battery is a store specializing in this type of product. We professionally advise you on the recommended battery for your vehicle and whether its parameters meet the requirements for electrical energy and how you use your vehicle. All batteries include information about the corresponding battery type, voltage, capacity and startup current.

We offer Exide batteries for:

Battery tests and corresponding output protocols,
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Problems with your battery functioning properly and starting your car may appear in some cases during winter. The battery is not always responsible for these problems, even though easy starting of your vehicle depends on its condition. As the ambient temperature drops, so does the temperature of the electrolyte in your battery, which results reduced electrical capacity.
The capacity of a fully charged battery at the given temperatures is as follows:

  • 100% capacity at +25 °C
  • 80% capacity at 0 °C
  • 70% capacity at -10 °C
  • 60% capacity at -25 °C


The capacity of a partially discharged battery drops proportionally as temperature decreases. The same applies to a fully charged battery’s starting power:

  • 100% of the starting power at +25 °C
  • 65% of the starting power at 0 °C
  • 40% of the starting power at -18 °C


Power consumption increases as you drive with individual devices switched on (independent heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, seat heating, window demister, lights, etc.). Lower temperatures cause lubricating oil to congeal in the motor, transmission gear, etc. These conditions increase the internal resistances that the starter must overcome and thus increase the demand for electricity from your battery.